How Are Bank Collapses Effecting Maui Real Estate?

Anyone that’s seen the new this month has heard about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (also known as SVB), Signature Bank, as well as big trouble for some other huge banks like Credit Suisse, and many other regional banks being in very hot water. These events were terrifying for most who were following along … Continued

Falling Home Values – Prices Dropping

Have you been hearing about the falling home prices on the news and wandering how this might be effecting your Maui home, condo or townhome’s value? In this article we’ll discuss the what’s really happening with home values nationally, as well as right here in Hawaii. How Much Have Home Values Declined? It seems like … Continued

How to Buy and Finance Multiple Rental Properties

I was recently asked to prepare a video blog article for explaining to new investors how it is possible for normal people without huge amounts of capital to find, finance, and purchase multiple rental properties in order to create a second (or even a primary) stream of income from the cash flow produced by … Continued

How to prepare to sell your house on Maui

Introduction Aloha! My name is Greg Gaudet and I’m from Maui Home Buyers. Today I’m going to talk to you about the steps you’ll need to take to prepare to sell your house on Maui, or sell your house or condo in Hawaii on any other island. I’ll help you decide whether a traditional sale on … Continued

Tips for Hawaii Landlords and Tenants

Putting People Over Profits This is an article I recently wrote for the Maui News. Here’s the link to view the digital newspaper online copy: Maui News Article: Tips For Landlords on Providing Rentals or you can read it right here! Our small family-owned Maui business provides another option to homeowners that want to sell … Continued

How to start a house flipping business

Greg from Maui Home Buyers was recently asked to write a guide for explaining everything you need to know to start a house flipping business. We aren’t allow to share the article, since they have the rights to it, but we are allowed to share the link to the article if you’d like to … Continued