Maui Veteran Finally Has A Home After 10 Years Homeless

We are so proud to be able to say that we worked with these folks to provide the rental that this veteran moved into!

Hawaii News Now just posted this article with our good friend, Keisa Lu, who spent her free time helping this homeless veteran who ultimately we were fortunate enough to take on as a tenant!

Here’s the article from HNN: Maui Veteran finally has a home after a decade on the streets

Larry in his new condo that he's renting from Maui Home Buyers with the help of section 8 rental assistance
Larry in his new condo that he’s renting from Maui Home Buyers with the help of section 8 rental assistance

At Maui Home Buyers we strongly advocate for landlords to consider accepting Section 8 HUD vouchers and rental assistance, and also to accept pets! We have a fair amount of rentals on Maui, and I can say from experience that tenants with dogs are almost always better tenants (as long as you screen them). And we have had at least 10 HUD tenants before, and all but one of them were amazing tenants. Again, just screen your tenants thoroughly to verify their character – because being on HUD assistance does not make you a bad tenant. There are bad tenants out there, but you’re just as likely to get a normal cash tenant that’s a bad tenant if you’re not screening them. I personally believe you have a better chance of getting a better tenant by accepting HUD (and same for dogs) because it’s so hard for residents with HUD or with dogs to find housing, so when you do rent to them they tend to be incredibly grateful.

If you have any questions about these subjects please feel free to contact me, I’m happy to share what our experiences have been like if it will help other landlords to consider being open minded!

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