Buying or Selling a House in Hawaii That’s Haunted?

Check out this article that Maui Home Buyers was recently featured in!

Here’s a link to the article by Next Advisor on about our experience with a house in Kahului, Hawaii that we bought to flip.. but we later found out that the house was haunted! Never a dull moment in this business!

Have you ever bought or sold a haunted house?? This may not be something that crosses your mind during the home buying or selling process, but you might want to consider it..

Do Sellers Need To Tell You They’re Selling You a Haunted House on Maui?

This could be debatable. But the bottom line is: No, when someone sells a house or condo in Maui, HI they are generally not required to disclose if they suspect or believe that the piece of real estate property is haunted. If you’re buying a home in Hawaii there is no law stating that the seller would be required to disclose paranormal activity, or anything along those lines. That being said, if you truly believe the house is haunted and expect it to interfere with the buyer’s ability to enjoy their new home then I would argue that telling them is just the right thing to do, even if it costs you some money.. or even the sale.

What Do Sellers in Hawaii Actually Need to Disclose About the Home or Condo They Are Selling…

interior of a heavily damaged house in wailuku hi that required a cash buyer
Just based on the picture, would you guess that this house was haunted?

Sellers of Hawaii real estate are obligated to disclose any “fact, condition or defect, past or present, that could measurably affect the value of the property for sale to a reasonable person.'” If you list your house for sale with an agent, your realtor will require you to complete a Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement. This is a 5 page document with about 100 questions that the seller is required to answer honestly about their property.. and it’s very serious, so make sure you answer it as honestly as you can! Your realtor is not legally allowed to help you fill it out either, only the seller should answer the questions, since it’s so important for a buyer that’s paying top dollar to know. Things like: is there excessive noise from air traffic? Is there or has there been damage caused by tree roots? Is there or has there been signs of insects, roaches, bugs, or termites? As you can imagine, there are all kinds of things that a buyer still doesn’t know about your house after they’ve only come to see it for an hour or so tops. And the buyer should know these things before making their final purchase decision. This is why the buyer typically has the option to cancel the sale after reviewing this disclosure statement.

How Do You Ethically Sell A Hawaii Home Fast if it’s Haunted?

If you need a buyer you can count on that’s where we come in. Maui Home Buyers assists sellers in Hawaii with all sorts of situations. We provide an alternative so that any homeowner can quickly and easily sell their home, townhome/townhouse, condo, apartment, vacant land, or any other type of real estate in Hawaii no matter what kind of crazy, complicated, risky, or scary issues there are in the way! Give us a call or text today if you’d like to get a fast, fair, and free all cash offer to sell your house as-is now!

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