Waiehu Beach Park – Sandpiles – Churches Surf Cam

This cam is looking north towards Churches and Sandpiles surf breaks at Waiehu Beach Park in Waiehu-Waihee on the north windward shore of Maui, HI. Waiehu is a popular town, conveniently located just minutes away from Kahului, and with consistent onshore trade winds that keep temperatures comfortable year round. Homes in this neighborhood range from starter home prices in Waiehu Terrace currently running between $475,000-927,000, and for those looking for something a little bigger, Oceanview Estates has many homes over 3,000 sq ft, and they’re almost guaranteed to have unobstructed ocean views. Waiehu Beach Park is popular for surfing mostly in the winter, but we don’t recommend this spot to beginners or to anyone that is not familiar with Waiehu. The bottom is all rock/reef, and is very shallow for a long way out. Also being the windward side, the waves can be nonstop, with stronger than average rip currents that suck you down towards Churches.. which is absolutely not a beginner, or even intermediate friendly spot. For these reasons, we recommend that if you are new to Maui or visiting, you start off at some of our beginner friendly spots, like the cove in Kihei or Lahaina breakwall. Check the Maui Surf Blog for daily conditions and tips, or if you need lessons.

Waiehu is also popular for kitesurfers, fishing, free diving, spearfishing, and searching for sea glass. Just watch out for the Portuguese man-o-war. They frequent these beaches and will instantly shock you with a very painful sting if one lands on you in the surf, and they have been known to cause major trama, sometimes even life threating, particularly if you’re allergic or if a tentacle wraps around you.

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